Thursday, February 14, 2008

Portrait of my Nephew (1732 x 1962 pixels)

This portrait of my nephew on Christmas day was a 9 hour pose (laptop, photoshop, wacom tablet) of which he posed maybe 1 of those hours.  He was a great sport considering he's a kid and it was Christmas! but luckily I had my camera to take some pictures and work from those.  My lap top is a 17" so it's actually possible to have the photograph up on the screen next to the photoshop window.  I can paint one while looking at the other.  Never as good as working straight from life the whole time, but with a child - that's nearly impossible.  (and again, no copying and pasting, or painting over the photographs.)


Soapchick said...
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Francisco d'Anconia said...

Great to see you some of your portraits Raphael. I remember your work very well from your time at Art Center as it was such an inspiration to myself and all of my classmates. I hope all is well with you in Michigan considering all of the current circumstances and issues affecting the area. Please post more work if you have time!... Best Regards.